Birth Registration

Birth Registration Certificate or National ID is necessary for processing Machine Readable Passport (MRP) of Bangladesh. Birth Registration Number is particularly important for an expatriate Bangladesh national who does not have a National ID.

Birth Registration Certificate is normally issued by the local government in Bangladesh, that is, City Corporation or Municipality or Union Parishad as per the permanent address of the applicant. The Embassy in Copenhagen can issue Interim Birth Registration Numbers (IBRN) to Bangladesh citizens living in Denmark, Estonia and Iceland in obtaining Birth Registration Certificate. 

Application form:

  • The on-line application form is available on the website of Birth Registration Information System of Bangladesh ( জন্ম ও মৃত্যু নিবন্ধন প্রকল্প ): . Once on the homepage, click the button ‘BR Registration’.

Documents to be submitted for IBRN ( Interim Birth Registration Number):

i) For Bangladesh nationals holding a Bangladesh passport

  • Duly filled-in and signed application form
  • Original and photocopy of passport
  • Two copies of recent passport-size photographs (45mm x 55mm)
  • On-line transfer of fee

ii) Children of Bangladesh nationals, born in Denmark/Estonia/Iceland

  • Duly filled-in and signed application form
  • Parents' passport(s) – original and photocopy
  • Birth certificate issued by local authorities
  • Two copies of passport-size photographs
  • On-line transfer of fee
  • In case of newborn child, personal appearance of the applicant along with the parents is compulsory while submitting the application for birth certificate.  

 Process for having IBRN:

  • The applicants are requested to find application form on-line by clicking the button ‘BR Registration’ at the web site of জন্ম ও মৃত্যু নিবন্ধন প্রকল্প at
  • On the application form, the applicants should first select বাংলাদেশদূতাবাসমূহ>ডেনমার্ক>কোপেনহাগেন>Embassy from drop-down menus and then proceed to submit birth-related information on-line step-by-step
  • A printed and signed copy of the completed birth registration application form along with supporting documents and proof of fee must be submitted, within 15 days of on-line submission, to the Consular Counter in the Bangladesh Embassy 
  • Fee: Free until 45 days of birth. Thereafter, DKK 7.0

Please note:

1. While filling up the IBRN form for a new born baby without passport, passport number of father/mother may be inserted in the 'Passport Number' box. A date of issue of the passport (arbitrary) should  be a date after the birth date of the baby. This will not be reflected in the birth certificate.

2. While filling the addresses in birth registration form, please ensure to write it in two rows to have the address printed fully  in the Birth registration certificate

3. Please use opera browser for typing in Bangla properly

Payment should be sent to:

Name of the Account: Embassy of Bangladesh

Reg. No: 4001, Account Number (DKK Account): 11649750

IBAN: DK7230000011649750, SWIFT-address:  DABADKKK

Bank Address:  Danske Bank, HolmensKanal 2-12, DK-1092, Copenhagen K., Denmark

  • The Embassy will issue Birth Registration Certificate usually in 03 working days from submission of printed copy



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